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ZG Communications is a boutique marketing consultancy working with not for profits, authors, publishers, and people who create positive change in the world.

We are deeply committed to our clients’ work and the industries we are a part of. We work with people and organizations we believe in, whose visions we want to realize.

Simply put, we love what you do and we love what we do.

Our work method is to integrate seamlessly as a part of your team, building close, trusting relationships and supplying long-term knowledge to be used long after the results of our collaboration.

Each campaign begins with a sharply tailored strategy, developed from listening carefully to our clients’ needs, goals, and potential. We analyze this with extensive knowledge of the industry landscape to ensure our approach is practical and innovative.

It’s this combination of logic and appreciation, conviction and tactics that makes ZG Communications unique.




Principal: Zoe Grams

Leading ZG Communications is Zoe Grams: an insightful communications specialist with a lifelong passion for the written word and a proven record of collaboration with not-for-profits. Awarded an MA in Philosophy from The University of Glasgow, Zoe brings logical thinking and creative strategy to each endeavor. Clients know her as warm, articulate, and dedicated to excellence.

Zoe has provided marketing expertise to clients on both sides of the Atlantic, beginning her career at a trend-marketing agency in London, UK, before moving to Canada to work with two of Vancouver’s top PR firm, and joining the largest independent publisher in Canada, D&M Publishers, as a publicist. She has worked with not for profits such as UNICEF and Amnesty International, and conceived and executed public relations campaigns for award-winning authors and publishing houses across Canada. Her written work has appeared in publications in the UK and North America.

Zoe is Co-Chair of The Board of Directors for The KidSafe Project, and sits on the Board of Directors for WORD Vancouver. She is part of the leadership team for #Startland – a project providing technology and training support to refugees in Canada.

Communications Coordinator: Megan Jones

Megan Jones has fostered her love of literature and community through a variety of leadership roles in the arts and non-profit industries. She has coordinated readings and fundraisers for an American literary association; managed an outreach program for at-risk youth; served as Publicist at one of Canada’s premier independent literary presses; copyedited a Canadian poetry magazine; and helped organize the 2014 Vancouver Marathon. Prior to working with ZG Communications, Megan worked as a Publicist at Talonbooks.

While pursuing her degree in Creative Writing and English from the University of Victoria, Megan travelled abroad as a fashion model: a challenging and thought-provoking career that provided her with ample writing material for poems and short stories. Presently, Megan happily satisfies her hunger for exploring new cultures and landscapes by reading diverse titles that come across her desk at ZG Communications. Described as empathetic, approachable, and creative, Megan is committed to meeting and exceeding the goals of ZG’s clients.

OUR EXTENDED TEAM: Our team includes talented designers, website developers, coders, social media experts and copywriters who we work with on a project-by-project basis.

During 2016, ZG Communications will be acting as Marketing & Publicity Manager for Vancouver Writers Fest.


We’re inspired by our clients who create positive cultural, social, and environmental change. Contributing in this way is a core value of ZG Communications, so we:

  • Donate 5  percent of our revenue to charitable organisations each year.
  • Offset our carbon footprint.
  • Support developing country businesses through monthly microloans.
  • Volunteer as a company with a not for profit organization each month.
  • Provide tuition and mentorship to young people in our community.


Media & Public Relations

Telling the right story, the right way, to the right people.

With such competition for attention, securing valuable media coverage requires a golden combination of timing, story, and personality.

We have a proven track record of securing media coverage and are proud of our relationship with media contacts throughout the country.

Whether a targeted local campaign or extensive national launch, we tell your story to the media that will make a difference, helping to identify what in your message will capture the imagination – and attention – of media and the public.

We then use honest interactions, gritty tenacity, and vivacious pitches to create and implement outreach.

Services include:

  • National Book Launch Campaigns
  • Local and National PR Campaigns
  • Press Kit Materials
  • Media Training
  • Press Events & Conferences

Website Development & Online Marketing

Online communication is an essential part of sharing your message, but new media success requires both strategy and originality.

We use fresh concepts and proven methodology to build tools, reputations and audiences on various online platforms.

Whatever the project – be it building a website, populating a blog, or engaging a group via social media – we thrive on matching cutting edge techniques to your ambitions.

We share these visions with our clients in a clear, easy to understand discussion, marrying complex solutions and simple explanations.

Services include:

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Training

Strategic Planning

There are dozens of proverbs on planning for good reason: astute strategy can transform a project’s potential – and exceed it.

Listening to your values, goals and resources, we create a road map for achievement. This includes engaging messaging, a step-by-step approach, suggested timeline, and reasoning throughout.

We use extensive experience, straightforward language and a partnership approach to ensure understanding and excitement about ongoing initiatives.

Services include:

  • Communications Strategy Development
  • Team Strategy Meetings

Event & Tour Coordination

Community is essential to one’s success. Engaging events can cement your relationship with contacts and create new ones.

From fresh concepts to seamless execution, our events exceed expectations of our clients and their audience. We use original ideas, attention to detail, and a packed book of contacts to fit an event to your budget, tone, and audience.

Services include:

  • Book Tours
  • Book Launches
  • Fundraising Events
  • Speaker Series
  • Meet & Greets


ZG Communications is a company founded on words. They are our currency and livelihood. They can turn concepts into actions, plans into results.

We create succinct, creative copy for each project, speaking to the core of the story to captivate the reader and connect them with your message.

Services include:

  • Book descriptions
  • Press kit materials
  • Website copy
  • Brochure and promotional materials
  • Articles and op-eds


Straightforward concepts, astute descriptions, patience and humour summarize our courses. We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering our clients to achieve their goals themselves.

Here are some of the classes we offer, tailored to each client.

  • Social Media 101
  • Writing for the Web
  • Marketing for Not for Profits
  • Marketing for Authors

Services Include:

  • Workshops
  • One-to-One Tutorials
  • Lectures
  • In-depth, term-length courses


Our clients / teammates / partners / friends:

Our client authors include: Bayan Azizi, Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli, Andrea and Robert Bull, Miji Campbell, Don Chapman, Kim Clarke, Carol Cram, Al Etmanski, Gus Van Harten, Caitlin Hicks, Eve Lazarus, Fred Litwin,Alan McGowan, Maureen Palmer and Michael Pond, Glenn Sigurdson, Shelley Ugyan, Andrea Warner, Michael Wuitchik.

Our client organizations include:


  • Thank you for this amazing campaign! I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with your capacity to so capably and professionally jump into this role and run with things. I feel it has been incredibly successful and I am very grateful to you for absolutely every little thing.

    Dr. Vanessa LaPointe, author of Discipline Without Damage

  • Working with ZG Communications has been both a delight and a huge success. These things are both particularly thrilling as a first-time author of a somewhat niche book. Within a week of signing on with ZGC, I had profiles secured in major daily newspapers and invitations from two book festivals. Zoe and her team know books and they know the arts; they know who and how to pitch, which is vitally important to everybody involved. Zoe and her team are smart, creative, organized and wonderfully ambitious. Most importantly, though, they care about their clients and the work we're all doing. The arts needs champions like ZGC, and I am so lucky to have them in my corner.

    Andrea Warner, Author, We Oughta Know

  • We are both so happy and in awe of everything you and Megan did to promote Rom Com. It's really been a great experience and very fun too. I will sing the praises of ZG Communications from the rooftops.

    Dina Del Bucchia, co-author of Rom Com, with Daniel Zomparelli

  • I am so grateful I found Zoe at ZG Communications. She took my book and my business to the next level with her leadership, accountability, strong presence in the community and her incredible knowledge of the industry. I felt like I could trust every step of the way completely with her guidance and genuine interest in my project. I would recommend ZG without hesitation!

    Shelley Ugyan, Author, Food Freedom

  • "At every step, Zoe has been a tremendous collaborator and resource for our new publishing venture. She's savvy, insightful, and full of sound advice — and, not least, very well connected. If you're looking for someone to help bring your project into the world and get the right message out, call her."

    Tyee Bridge, Publisher, Nonvella

  • "Zoe listens, she is highly creative and she follows through. With Zoe I never had the impression that she was following a well worn path, and I loved her style of always getting back to me with a review her activities on my behalf. What can I say about Zoe? Simply put, if my next  book publisher offers me a publicist I will suggest they contract Zoe Grams. If they don't, I will hire her myself--she is that good."

    Michael Wuitchik, Author of My Heart Is Not My Own

  • Time and time again, Zoe connected all the dots, anticipating every need and capitalizing on each opportunity. For every unforeseen hitch she devised a flawless rescue, without a single misstep.

    Charlotte Gill, Author, Eating Dirt

  • Thank you so much for your work. We are both so happy and in awe of everything you and Megan did to promote Rom Com. It's really been a great experience and very fun too. I will sing the praises of ZG Communications from the rooftops.

    Dina Del Bucchia, Co-Author, Rom Com

  • "Communications is more than just sharing ideas and thoughts. It's also about initiating meaningful change in our world, encouraging critical thinking, and leaving indelible marks on our communities. This only happens when you have a strategy -- Zoe has been successful at creating strategy and leading a team of caring communication professionals in raising the profile of the KidSafe Project Society. Our children, our families, and some of the most vulnerable British Columbian's are the beneficiaries of her work and we are tremendously grateful"

    Gerhard Maynard, Executive Director of The KidSafe Project Society

  • From our very first meeting, Zoe was perceptive, professional and incredibly patient. She immediately grasped what I was looking for in web design – clean and simple – and her finely tuned aesthetic sense also gave the site a touch of elegance. A timeline was quickly established for completion and she worked unflaggingly towards that date while, at the same time, staying in touch with me for the fine tuning. Zoe not only designed a beautiful site for my theatre reviews, she was a delight to work with.

    Jo Ledingham, Theatre Critic

  • Zoe Grams and I have worked together on many occasions. She has always been helpful, friendly and professional, making my job as a journalist easier. Zoe has great ideas and creates strong relationships, which means I'm always open to her suggestions. I look forward to collaborating with Zoe on many more projects.

    Tracy Sherlock, Books Editor, Vancouver Sun

  • Zoe knows the publishing industry inside out. She ably summarized my book and provided all the publicity materials I needed, as well as an effective strategic plan that was my guide for every aspect of the project. Zoe worked cooperatively, in a timely way and within budget.

    Johanna Beyers, Wearing my Feathered Hat: Engaging Change through Seven Dreams

  • Great course! Zoe is so knowledgable, organized and current. So much information is delivered. All of the material can be easily understood and applied immediately. Highly recommended to those seeking a practical overview of social media. Thanks Zoe!

    Participant, Writing for the Web Class

  • "Zoe's talent lies in her ability to succintly and provacatively distil a message then sell it broadly through media relations built on a tradition of trust. Her ever-so-pleasant persistence paid off in big "gets" for The Couch of Willingness.”

    Maureen Palmer, Author of The Couch of Willingness

  • The course was well planned, and delivered, with a great deal of knowledge and humour. Fantastic experience.

    Participant, Social Media for Not-For-Profits Class

  • "Thank you for doing such an outstanding job! I'm very grateful for the level of professionalism you bring - and the media response was fantastic."

    Michele Kambolis, Author of Generation Stressed

  • Zoe, you were fantastic. I have literally nothing bad to say about this course and your teaching of it. Very knowledgable and informative course: the information you passed on is already expanding my mind and giving me ideas. Thank you for the awesome five weeks!

    Russ Shaffer, Writing for the Web Class

  • I enjoyed your class. Since I have not been in school for quite some time, your class was a great introduction back to the computer world.

    Participant, Writing for the Web Class

  • Zoe was a very engaging instructor, knew the subject matter well, and put the information in a real world context. The class really made me rethink the way to approach writing for the web. Lots to apply to future projects.

    Participant, Writing for the Web Class

  • Excellent communication skills, sincere and engaged, spirited lecturer, motivated, appears keenly interested in the response and development of her students.

    Participant, Writing for the Web Class

  • The publicity campaign performed by ZGC for The Call of the World: A Political Memoir by Bill Graham was an enormous success, in fact, they exceeded our expectations. Everything was handled professionally, thoughtfully, tenaciously, timely, and strategically, plus it was affordable. It was a 360⁰ smash hit!

    —Kerry Kilmartin, UBC Press





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